Making gains with Mindful cycling

Taking care of the details with O2fitness athlete Lucie Oren.

At the end of many of our workouts we’re supposed to do 15-20min. of high cadence.  Admittedly, I have often skipped these because I was more than ready to be done and off my trainer!  I love the snow, but weeks of riding the trainer gets old real fast.  If my ride was outside, I’d arrive back at home which is a climb and I didn’t want to ride back and forth just below my cul-de-sac (boring!).

Recently, I had the flu pretty bad – after the fever was gone the coughing and fatigue continued to keep me out of commission for three weeks!  Julie started me with small 20-30min. of endurance on the trainer, which was about as much as I could handle before the next bout of coughing would hit!  As the workouts (both on and off the bike) increased in time and intensity, Julie gently and methodically guided me back and I made sure to finish with the high cadence sessions.  When we had a few spring-like days and I could ride outside I put my bike on the trainer when I got home and finished it!  I’m still not feeling 100%, but following Julie’s coaching is really helping me re-gain my fitness wisely.  And, I have to say I am having fun! 

This downtime and re-visiting the basics has reminded me to focus and not overlook good technique i.e. proper hip recruitment and smooth pedal stroke (ILT’s).  During the first outside ride this month, I noticed my pedaling efficiency was better than before having the flu!  I really appreciate how much my coach reminds me to stay mindful.  It’s so easy to forget each time I ride when my mind is always so busy/full!