Nevada Dirt Classic #3 2016

Contributed by O2fitness All-Star, Travis Boucher, enjoy the read...

The last race. I felt like I had to redeem myself after the second race when I had bonked really bad.So my first step was to eat a lot the night before and have breakfast before we left. Step 2 keep control over my nervousness so I could eat, step 3, well, eat some more.

The pre-ride was awesome! I got to see the really big hill at the start, ascent per lap 574 ft. Also, I got to ride the awesome flowy sections out there, The website said that there was a really rocky section and they were very correct. At first it started with a very loose downhill then it was flat but so loose I couldn't go more than 10 mph through that section. The last mile of the course was mostly up some steep hills so the last of your energy would be used on that hill.

I started on the left side so I got a terrible start. I was going to have the inside line but a kid's back tire forced me over. I was pretty much alone on most of the first lap only passing racers in other classes. Finally on the rocky section, I passed one of the racers in my class because he had a mechanical. That put me in second place. I had a solid first lap and felt good enough to push the second lap. I had a really fun second lap and finished in second place. I was very happy with that result.



I appreciate Roseville Cyclery taking such good care of my bike. Some of the other racers had bike issues but mine worked perfectly. Thanks to Julie for the training and suggestions for pre-race food so I can hopefully avoid another bonk. I felt great this race.