Youthful Determination

Contributed by o2fitness-athlete, Michael Williams, Read on...

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to be involved with the Sugar Bowl Ski Academy's Annual Lake Tahoe Century Ride. The Audi Reno-Tahoe Cycling Team generously let me utilize the team car as a sag/support vehicle for the day. 
The ride started at Donner Lake, then circled Tahoe and finished back at Donner; approximately 115 miles. This is jokingly considered an "Off the couch" ride since the students (8th - 12th grade) just finished their competitive ski season (nordic, alpine, and free ride) with little or no time on bikes. Most of them rode old borrowed bikes that didn't fit, needed tuning, and were equipped with flat pedals.

The entire trek was separated into different legs, with about 15 of the 70 students doing the entire route - all 70 students did partake in either one or multiple legs. Two of the youngest riders, both in Eighth grade and both with only two days on a road bike-EVER!, did the entire 115 miles without the utterance of a complaint of any sort! The school motto is "Grit, Grace, and Courage", and this was definitely present with all these students, especially the two youngest!

Leading up to this event, my training was not quite going as I was hoping for; life was getting in the way and a few more days of "NOT" training were starting to add up. I was feeling that I was falling behind and that my scheduled training was not going to come together before my "A" races. It was inspiring to witness these students do an event as challenging as this, with such determination. I figure that I too should be able to meet my training challenges head on, move forward with as much "Grit, Grace, and Courage" and enthusiasm with the training that I am doing, and look forward to my upcoming races. You never know where inspiration will come from when you need it.

Hope to See You Out There,
Michael Williams