Strengths and Areas to Improve

Enjoy this read from O2fit-athlete, Jimmy Lockie on his Coeur de L’Alene 70.3 triathlon. Reflections on strengths and weakness, areas where we have made gains, and a re-set and refocus on training to continue to improve our performance weak links…

First off let me start with a couple of things. Thank you for helping me get this far. I would not be making these kind of strides without  your workouts and coaching. 

I PRed by over 15 min from last year. I finally got my under 5:00:00 hours which was an amazing feeling. I was really close to all my goals that we set ( forgetting about the transition which was a nice little run adding an additional 5 minutes). 

Swim - absolutely beautiful!!!!!!! It was a perfect rectangular swim. Straight forward and easy. For me, I was a bit tentative, because in had not been hitting my swims the way I should. Or I just felt that way. 32:43- a couple minutes faster than I thought. Close to one of my fastest. I have found I really love the straight forward swims versus those that "snake" like all over the place. 

Bike – Mantras – “crush it; don't let up; you are not tired; go, go, go..” It was a nice rolling course with spectacular views. First 10 miles were pretty flat, then some rolling hills that seemed to never end. I felt awesome on the bike. One of my fellow-competitors, helped me push it the whole way. 2:32:00 – ha! Missed my goal time by two minutes. There was a section of "do not pass" right at the end, and I was stuck coasting. Shucks- stillllllll a huge win on the bike. 

Run - starting out, I felt great. I was holding 7:30 pace, no problem through the first couple miles.Then I am not really sure what happened. I started getting these really bad stomach aches/cramps. I was able to combat it by having someone stretch me out on the course. I didn't have to stop too many more times to stretch. I knew I was on a great time, so I just mentally dug deep and kept it going.

My Final thoughts – this race was a huge victory for me. Coming out of the swim 37th in my age group; off the bike 15th; and only losing five places to 20th on the run is a gigantic win. I was usually lose 15 to 20 or more places on the run. Holding my place and only losing five places, considering the circumstances was a win.

I am not sure that I had much more to give on this race. That being said I still think I have room for improvement and can improve my performance, significantly.

Thank you!