Cycling Group Thursday June 16th

She Women, Men Crushers Cycling Group
What: Workout #1 - chalk talk, followed by ride time
Where: Soccer Fields on Soaring Way, Truckee
When: 5:15pm-6:45pm, Thurs, June 16
Please RSVP on facebook or jyoung@o2fitness.netThe training over the next eight weeks will systematically progress – and
provide you with take-away tools to help you maximize your training time,
prevent injuries and guarantee gains.

Chalk talk will comprise the first half of the first session – to set the
foundation for the remaining eight weeks, and will include…

Importance of bike fit – performance, comfort, prevent overuse injuries

Posture – neutral spine – pillar of strength
Importance of developing and following a dynamic core workout
Challenge, engage stability, mobility, coordination,
balance, fire neural system
Generate, transfer power to extremities
Facilitate efficient deep breathing

Efficient pedal technique
Optimum ankling

Rpms – individual style, terrain – how to decide

Ride time – get a feel for riding together; time to observe bike positions and
fits; bike handling skills – including cornering, group etiquette; pedaling

Please feel free to share this outline of our first workout – with others who
might be interested in joining us. And would also like to invite you to share
comments regarding the training group on facebook and twitter

For those of you who have not filled out the client questionnaire this year – if you would please take time to do so – it would be
appreciated. And please print the waiver/release and bring to the first workout.