Cycling Training Thursday August 11th

She Women, Men Crushers Cycling Group
Where: Alder Creek Middle School, Soccer Field, Truckee
When: 5:15-6:45, Thurs, August 11
What: Workout #1 - chalk talk, followed by ride time
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The training over the next six weeks will systematically progress – and provide you with take-away tools to help you maximize your training time, prevent injuries and guarantee gains.
We will spend the first part of workout #1 discussing...

  • Importance of bike fit – performance, comfort, prevent overuse injuries
  • Posture – neutral spine – pillar of strength
  • Importance of developing and following a dynamic core workout
  • Challenge, engage stability, mobility, coordination, balance, fire neural system
  • Generate, transfer power to extremities
  • Facilitate efficient deep breathing
  • Efficient pedal technique
  • Explanation
  • Optimum ankling
  • Rpms – individual style, terrain – how to decide

Workout explore the quiet roads of Old Greenwood and Gray's Crossing. Work on riding as a group and group etiquette; bike handling skills – including cornering; pedaling drills including single leg pedaling and high cadence pedaling.