Cycling Training Thursday August 25th

Where: Northstar Village – top drop-off circle adjacent to the Hyatt
When: 5:15 pm-6:45 pm, Thurs, August 25
What: Workout #3
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She Women, Men Crushers Cycling Group

Warm-up to include standing climbing skills, using the upper body in coordination with the lower body. Posture, posture, posture. Review and practice descending skills.

Workout: 6x1min single leg pedaling skills, followed by 6x4-6min Slow Frequency Repetition. On a 4% grade over gear to allow for 40-60rpm – and zone 2 (60-70% perceived exertion). This workout targets specific pedaling strength, one of the best and most effective – it slows the motion down and we recruit specific muscles under load. Focus on initiating early at 10 o’clock driving with hips (knee to handle bar) until three o’clock, initiating scrape back with hamstrings, thru seven o’clock, and active unloading of pedal from seven o’clock back to 10 o’clock. Complete workout with high cadence pedaling to wash legs.