Cycling Training Thursday July 13th

Where: Hwy 267-Brockway Summit and Fiberboard Frwy - at green gate
When: 5:15-6:45, Thurs, July 14
What: Workout #5
Workout: Slow Frequency Repititions (SFR)
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She Women, Men Crushers Cycling Group
Warm-up to include 6x single leg pedaling - at your appropriate time, ie 30sec
Workout: Slow Frequency Repetitions(SFR) are performed on steady 4-5% grade, in
a gear that allows 40-60 rpm, and 60-70% of max,  perceived effort. The goal of
the workout is to build specific cycling strength, and work the entire pedal
revolution – pushing over the top, pulling back – to build strength as well as
pedal efficiency. This is not a max effort and focus must be on entire pedal
revolution. SFR workouts start with 6x2-4min. Key to pay attention to how your
knees and hips feel with the high torque and take care if too tweaky to back
down on gearing for smooth pedaling vs wrestling the bike.
Complete workout with 5-10 min high cadence to shake legs out.
SFR similar effect to lifting weights -legs feel heavy - so do not be surprised