Cycling Training Thursday July 21st

Where: Regional Park, Truckee
When: 5:15-6:45, Thurs, July 21
What: Workout #6 – Technique Hill Repeats on Old Hwy 40 at Tempo
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She Women, Men Crushers Cycling Group 

Warm-up 15 min ride, followed by 15min to include 4-6x10-15sec pick-ups, in and
out of the saddle. Workout 2(3x4-6min) first  interval in the saddle at 5-10 rpm
higher than normal/natural cadence; second interval 5-10 rpm lower than normal
cadence and include in and out of saddle; third interval individual natural
cadence and style (in and out of saddle – what feels natural to individual). We
will push intensity to high zone 2/low zone 3 – tempo to sub Lactate Threshold,
or perceived exertion of 70-80% of max effort. We will ramp effort from 70% at
the start to 80% at the end. Recovery is time it takes to ride back down the
interval section of the climb. This is not a max effort – but opportunity to
push intensity slightly and challenge ability to hold solid posture and pedaling
Goal is quality effort – for those with solid cycling fitness and foundation,
shoot for the six min interval time; for those building cycling specific
strength – go for quality four minute intervals.