Cycling Training Thursday July 28th

Where: Regional Park, Truckee
When: 5:15-6:45, Thurs, July 28th
What: Workout #7***** Ascend Old Hwy 40
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She Women, Men Crushers Cycling Group
Warm-up, ride to base of climb
#1 – for those who have not had the opportunity to ride more sustained climbs –
this is that opportunity – we will focus on finding that sustainable rhythm,
focusing on smooth round pedal stroke, stable posture/solid pedaling platform,
relaxed upper body – light grip on bars, and deep rhythmic breathing.
#2 – for those who have some climbing in their legs –but have not performed high
intensity climbing intervals – we will work on all mentioned above, but up the
ante a bit. Perform climbing accelerations/pace changes of 70-80% of max effort
for 3min alternating 2min at 80-85%; 3min 70-80%; 2min 80-85%, etc for the
remaining climb (if working with a heart rate monitor – that is zone 2 – per
Silver Sage testing protocol to low zone 3/subLT).
#3 – for those with climbing and interval foundation – focus on all aspects of
option #1, plus climbing accelerations/pace changes of 3min at 80-85% max/subLT
and 2min at 85-90% of max/ LT, alternating between the two for the remainder of
the climb (for those using the Silver sage protocol that is low zone 3 to high
zone 3).
We will re-congregate at the top – review descending skills – descend old 40
working on descending/cornering skills. Easy warm-down ride back to the park.