Cycling Training Thursday June 23rd

Where: Soccer Fields on Soaring Way, Truckee
When: 5:15pm-6:45pm, Thurs, June 23
What: Workout #2
Please RSVP on facebook

She Women, Men Crushers Cycling Group

***Please equip your bikes with supplies (two additional tubes, patch kit, tire
irons) to change a flat and a well working frame pump

·         Movement Prep on soccer fields – either in running shoes or barefoot
·         On bike – Ride easy to moderate pace as warm-up to Old Greenwood
·         Single Leg pedaling drills - 6x30sec-1min (depending on individual
skill level)
o   Goal not longer – but smoother – work on top and bottom dead spots
o   Use this feedback for rest of workout session, ie high cadence pedaling

·         High cadence pedaling intervals 6x 2-4min (depending on individual
skill level)

o   Perform on relatively flat terrain – and gear bike that allows for 90-110
rpm, ie counting one leg for 15 sec x 4 = rpm, so in this case approx 22-28
revolution/one leg/15 sec
o   Perceived exertion level is 70-75% of max
o   Goal is efficient smooth pedaling not an intense aerobic/anaerobic workout
·         Revisit handling skills
o   Riding close as a group
§  Group etiquette – pointing out obstacles
o   Cornering
o   Intro descending