Cycling Training Thursday June 30th

Where: Regional Park, Truckee
When: 5:15-6:45 pm, Thurs, June 30
What: Workout #3 – Alternating Big Gear – low rpm/High gear – high cadence

Please RSVP on facebook or jyoung@o2fitness.netShe Women, Men Crushers Cycling Group
Workout: Warm-up ride to Donner Lake.
·         Workout loops –clockwise around Donner Lake alternation 5min
over-geared -depending on individual strength, ie 53/13 at 40-60rpm (again
individual –depending on each person tolerates high torque on hips, knees,
ankles) with 5min light gear, ie 39/17 at high cadence 90-110 rpm
o   Goal – hone efficient pedaling technique using extreme change of cadence
§  Forces us beyond comfort zone
§  Efficient pedaling becomes more reflexive/intuitive
·         Fires and sharpens the neural muscular system
·         Do without thinking
§  Low rpm pedaling facilitates specific cycling strength
·         Goal during these segments is smooth pedaling – dissociate upper and
lower body – stay smooth on upper body vs unnecessary movement wrestling bike.