Cycling Training Thursday Sept 12th

When: 6:30-7:30 am, Monday, September 12
Where: Martis Valley wildlife viewing area
Workout: Speed, Power, Strength, Elasticity
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Session #6 She Women- Men Crushers Trail Group

Warm-up – to include single leg stability exercises with eccentric static holds, stick and holds, followed by strides of 10sec, 15, 20, 25, 20, 15sec with 45sec-1min recovery.
Workout – Plyometrics and Rapid Response drills. Trail running takes place on unpredictable terrain, demanding  agility, stability, balance and body awareness to navigate the multi-directional impacts. Effective running results from force - with every stride muscles stretch and store energy, when the stretch is released, so is the energy. Training elasticity equates to more force generated. Pylos and rapid response train us to effectively store and release energy, while demanding agility, balance, coordination, mobility and stability. We will perform a variety of plyo/rapid response circuits at stopping points along the run.
As an introductory session to plyos and rapid response we will start with less intensity, longer duration, focusing on solid quality movement patterns.

Circuit #1
Squat jump – 30 sec
Faux jump rope 1min
Rapid response – disassociation -10sec
Circuit #2
Double Leg Jump-Ups – 30 sec
High Skips – 30 sec
Rapid response – 2inch drill – 10sec
Circuit #3
Single leg blast offs-30sec
Power skips – 30 sec
Rapid response – pogo – 10sec