Cycling Training Thursday Sept 15th

Where: Truckee Outlet Mall
When: 5:30-7:00pm –Thurs, Sept 15
What: Workout: Conquer the Summit
Please RSVP on facebook or  

She Women, Men Crushers Cycling Group

Two options available as we are all a different points in our cycling

Option #1 – Focus on finding and settling in to that sustainable pedaling pace and maintain from bottom to the top of Old Hwy 40-Donner Summit. Focus on -  deep rhythmic breathing; solid posture – rotate at hips with neutral spine, tummy up and in, back in to glutes, chest high; relaxed upper body – shoulders down, hands lightly gripping bars; pedal stroke of early initiation over the top, engage hamstrings for scrape back and actively unload; smooth, relaxed, fluid, rhythmic.

Option #2 – Same as above – spiced with intervals. SubLT to LT (Silver Sage tested, low zone 3 to high zone 3, perceived exertion 80-87% of max) intervals 4min, with easy pedaling for 1-2 min in between, learning to recovery while pedaling, as we continue to make our way up the summit.

Interval #1, in the saddle, 5-10 rpm higher than normal cadence

Interval #2, in the saddle, 5-10rpm lower than normal cadence

Interval #3, in and out of saddle, normal cadence – using terrain change, headwind or gear change to initiate out of saddle, rhythm change/maintain momentum

Interval #4, put it all together – finding that cadence, technique that makes you feel fluid, fast, powerful.

Re-congregate at the Summit – review descending skills – employ and practice as we descend Old Hwy 40