Dana Lis

Working primarily with high performance athletes, including Swimming Canada (Vancouver),  Snowboard Canada, Canadian Soccer Association, the Vancouver Whitecaps and National and Provincial levels cyclists, Dana knows what is takes to maximize performance nutrition. Dana is a Registered Dietitian and lifetime athlete with extensive involvement in sports ranging from figure skating to backcountry skiing. She even managed to "hang in" as a current competitive category 2 road cyclist for a few years.

Dana has merged her passion for both sport and nutrition to specialize in the field of sport dietetics. In addition to an undergraduate degree in Dietetics from the University of British Columbia, she is a graduate of the renowned IOC Sports Nutrition Diploma. Her extensive experience as a personal trainer and instructor have provided her an inclusive understanding of sport training, performance and weight loss.
Working in sport, Dana recognizes the individual and specialized nutrition needs of every athlete and ensures that her practice is based on leading edge, reliable research. Whether recreation, high performance or somewhere in between, what you feed your body plays an invaluable role in realizing your full potential as an athlete and healthy individual. Get the most out of life by starting with the basics - fuel your body to reach the summit of your individual performance!