Elite Alpine Ski Endurance Training

Elite Alpine Ski Endurance Training- Roll with it
8:45- 10:15am
Meet: Performance Training Center by Julia Mancuso, Pioneer Center
Workout: Road ride around Donner Lake
Space limited. 48hour sign-up required.
Please RSVP on facebook
or jyoung@o2fitness.net
Brief Chalk Talk –Maximize your Cycling Workout, to provide overview on importance of proper bike fit; posture and pedaling technique. Followed by road ride looping around Donner Lake, focusing on pedal technique – learning to utilize entire pedal stroke working glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves; posture - holding neutral spine for solid posture and pedaling platform; handling skills; building aerobic base and muscular endurance. Donner Lake dip – optional. Cycling provides foundational musculature and joint strength, providing an effective safety net against injuries.
Bonus – cycling will provide the ideal warm-up for  your workout at JM with Chris.
Drop-in $20
Space limited. 48h sign-up required with deposit, please contact Julie Young @ jyoung@o2fitness.net