Leadville Qualifier Course Inspection

The Leadville Qualifier Course Inspection provides the mental, physical and tactical tools to succeed at the Tahoe 100K - Leadville Qualifier race. The course inspection led by Leadville qualifier coach and race winner, Julie Young, provides a comprehensive analysis of the course section by section, insuring the technical and tactical knowledge to effectively attack key sections.  Pre-riding and inspecting the course provides invaluable insights to the sometimes subtle, challenging and pivotal points of the course allowing you to polish your race game plan. The one day ride also affords the opportunity to become acquainted with aid stations and neutral support sites along the course, as well as mid-mtn pit and feed area.

Endurance events are a game of efficiency - the goal is not how hard you race the first two hours - but the attention to detail over the course of the event that allows you to race hard the last two hours. The small things that make big differences at the end of the race include - maintaining a strong pillar posture; consistently fueling and hydrating; finding the smoothest most efficient line; staying light on pedals when possible;  and remaining relaxed and using all energy expenditure to propel the bike forward. 

 Morning session - overview of the day's course inspection as well as fueling strategies for the race

Post- ride wrap/Q and A at mid-mountain, food available so bring your coins 

Inspection led by Julie Young

  • Winner Tahoe 100k mountain bike race, 2011
  • Winner Xterra Tahoe City, 2010, 2011
  • Winner Xterra Lake Tahoe 2011
  • Six-time Road Cycling World Championship Team Member
  • Olympic alternate 1992
  • Pan American Games 1994
  • Core States Pro Championships, 2nd, 1st American, 1994
  • Winner Downer’s Grove Pro Criterium, 2001
  • Overall General Classification winner of the Tour de L’Aude, France – women’s equivalent of Tour de France, 1992
  • Overall General Classification winner Tour d’Aquitaine, France, 1998
  • Stage wins and podium finishes at Tour de L’Aude, Tour d’Aquitaine, Tour of the European Economic Community, Molenheike, Tour d’Epinal and Grand Prix de Quebec