NorCal Ultras Training Plans

Norcalultras (2)O2fitness partners with NorCal Ultras, Northern California's Premier Ultra Endurance 
Events to provide coaching and training plans for registered event participants. We kick off the first round of training mid-December focused on preparing racers for Way to Cool 50K and the AR 50 Miler. See below for complete details...

Training Programs

  • Start December 16, with daily training plan; weekly group workouts start the week of January 6
  • AR 50 16-week program - $280 by December 11, increases to $320, portion donated to Placer SPCA
  • Way To Cool 12-week program - $210 by December 11, increases to $240, portion donated to Placer SPCA
  • Individual training plans also available, please visit for complete details
  • Minimum fitness, ability to run 10miles
  • Program focuses on ultra-running beginners and first-timers
  • Each program limited to #25
  • Includes comprehensive daily training program coupled with weekly group workouts 
    • Daily science-based, systematically progressed training program developed by Julie Young** posted on Training Peaks web-based coaching platform

What Differentiates it…

  • Educating athletes on effective training based on quality work balanced by quality rest
  • Endurance is a game of efficiency – training includes a variety of elements focused on quality speed and intervals to improve mechanics, economy of movement and linear force develop, as well as endurance base training
  • Educating athletes on effective biomechanics (based on Movement Performance Institute research based protocol) to help ensure injury prevention and improved efficiency and performance
  • Off-running work
    • Glute activation to improve muscular recruitment – have to feel it, develop brain to muscle communication,  in order to strengthen and use it in proper proper running mechanic sequence
    • Hip/pelvic/trunk and single leg stability and mobility = running injury prevention and improved performance
    • Stability sets the foundation for  safe and effective plyometrics = effective controlled force in foot strike
    • Ultimate objective – to assist the new runner to set a foundation for an injury-free, ever-improving, long ultra experience with a take-away tool kit and understanding of safe and efficient running mechanics supported by an off-running effective mobility and stability program.

Training sessions

  • Mid-week training sessions
    • Tuesdays 6pm (Depending on group size, an additional workout will be added Wednesday at 6pm)
      • Workouts will include activation, stability-mobility, plyometric work, and track workouts
  • Saturday endurance trail runs
    • Distance/time/terrain gradually progressed
      • Coach designated teams of two to four will lead these runs. The coach will designate the route – the designated teams will be responsible for understanding the route (in consultation with coach) and guiding-leading their group of runners. This is an opportunity to gain a command of trail navigation – a key component of ultras.

**Julie Young is the Head Coach of O2fitness and Director of Silver Sage Sports Performance Center, and a former 12-year US National Cycling, World Championship Team member, multiple European stage race winner. Multiple winner of the Tahoe Rim Trail 50K, Winner of the Golden Hills Trail Marathon, Winner of the Headlands 50K.

 To register or for further questions please contact Julie Young at For full details on o2fitness, please visit