Race Tactics Clinics - Session #2

A great opportunity for any of you wanting to learn about bike racing team tactics and individual tactics, as well as honing in on your bike handling skills.

Session 2 – Wednesday, April 18th

Duration: 5:30-7:30pm


Sessions are put on by:

Trainer/Coach: Julie Young of O2Fitness Coaching and Training (Pro Cyclist/Endurance Athlete)

Rio Strada Women’s Team Manager: Beverley McInnes

Cost:  $20 for both if you pay in advance - To pay in advance, please submit payment via PayPal to: onespeedbev@gmail.com

$15 for one session

Session #2 – Position in the Peloton

  • Where should you be?
  • Safety takes precedence
  • Keep it in perspective – this isn’t the World Champs
  • Where to be, when to be – Front, middle, back
  • Team tactics regarding other racers/teams
    • When to pull in the break, sit in
    • Sit on a break and sprint – is it ok?
    • Should I take up the pace? When and why?
  • Creating Opportunity
    • How Opportunities are made and lost
    • Flats, winds – your teams secret weapon – the quickly, well organized echelon
    • Capitalizing on cross-winds
  • Pre-race Strategy
  • Sprints
    • The art of leading out and sprinting

Riding Exercises – leading out and sprinting