Rio Strada Women’s Cycling Team Training – 2013 Preparation Phase #1

Rio Strada Team Training Plan Details

  • Complete 10-week comprehensive daily training program coupled with weekly group training
  • Starts January 7-March 17
  • One weekly coached team workout and a bonus, optional team endurance ride (Thursdays 5:30-7pm/Sundays 9am)
  • $275 program fee by January 1  -increases to $315 after January 1
  • Preparation Phase continues to build on Foundation Phase objectives to improve the aerobic engine and muscular endurance; and increase muscle mitochondria, lactate threshold and muscle glycogen storage. Preparation Phase more specifically focuses on transitioning interval intensity from medium endurance-Sub LT to LT and will include blocks of vo2 training. Objective to specifically train physiological systems as well as simulate race intensities.

Training Program Participants Receive

  • Daily science-based, systematic progressive training program, in two five-week training blocks, based on heart rate and/or power zones written by Julie Young** delivered via Training Peaks web-based coaching software
  • Thursday coached team workouts – key elements of preparation phase, including – pedal stroke efficiency; economy of movement/speed skills; climbing technique/skills; specific cycling strength; subLT to LT, and Vo2 intervals; improve in saddle horsepower and out of saddle explosive power -  turbo trainer based workouts with outside training weather permitting.
  • Preparation phase includes off-bike functional dynamic trunk, glute activation, single leg and hip stability strength designed to improve cycling efficiency. Activation and strength set the foundation for the safe and effective plyometric program to develop explosive power and linear force in to the pedals.
  • Sunday bonus, un-coached team endurance ride–  endurance/base training – route determined by the coach, consistent with training plan volume progression
  • 15% discount on Silver Sage Sports Performance services for the duration of the program – including Lactate Threshold and ParvoMed Vo2 tests, and  Specialized Certified Professional bike fitting
  • E-mail support –  individual questions regarding training and cycling related issues

Contact Julie Young at for further information and to register, or visit

**Julie Young is the Head Coach of O2fitness and Director of Silver Sage Sports Performance Center, and a former 12-year US National Cycling and World Championship Team member.