Silver Sage Sports Performance Center - Big Blue Adventure Endurance Performance Workshop #1 Postponed

Workshop #1 postponed to Thursday, August 16 - Reno Running Company, 6-7pm

 Presented by Silver Sage Sports Performance Center in partnership with the Big Blue Adventures, the series of informational workshops focus specifically on helping Big Blue Adventure participants optimize their preparation with specific focus on effective nutrition and fueling strategy and research-based gait analysis.  The workshops are open to all who have an interest in improving endurance performance.


Workshop presenters – Dr. Andy Pasternak, owner of Silver Sage Sports Performance Center and TRT Medical Director; Julie Young, owner and head coach of o2fitness, director of Silver Sage Sports Performance Center and multiple winner of the TRT 50K.


If you plan to attend one or all three of these no-cost, informational workshops, please RSVP, which will also enter you in to a drawing for a complementary lactate threshold test.

Workshop #1

Location: Reno Running Company, Reno

Date: Thursday, August 16

Time: 6-7pm

Topic: Diets of the Day – Gluten, Paleo, Vegan – and the Endurance Athlete. Demystify the Diet, stick with the Science-based approach.