Tahoe Trail Running Series announces Endurance Performance Workshops

The Tahoe Trail Running Series, presented by Salomon and produced by
Big Blue Adventure, has partnered up with Silver Sage Sports Performance Center in Reno and
O2Fitness Coaching and Training to present two informative workshops focused on helping local
athletes and series participants optimize their running performance and time on the trail.

Both workshops will be presented by Dr. Andy Pasternak, owner of Silver Sage Sports
Performance Center and Tahoe Rim Trail Medical Director and Julie Young, owner and head
coach of O2Fitness Coaching and Training, Director of Silver Sage Sports Performance Center,
and multiple winner of Tahoe Rim Trail 50K race.

The first workshop, scheduled for Thursday, August 16th at the Reno Running Company store in
the Summit Mall will focus on “Demystifying the Diet” and will help runners gain a better
understanding and perspective of current dietary trends including gluten-free, paleo and vegan.
Discussion will also cover pre-race and race nutrition.“We are often bombarded by commercially motivated diets with conflicting advice,” says Dr.Andy Pasternak. “To determine proper dietary strategies runners should not only consider the sources of dietary information, but also their individual circumstances and goals.”

The second session, scheduled for Thursday, September 6th at the Eclipse Running store in Reno
will discuss research derived gait technique, including proper movement and muscle activation
strategies, as well as effective, supportive specific strength exercises. Each topic, when taken in
to consideration with a runner’s individual style, will help runners maximize injury prevention
and performance on the trail, says Young. Young, who is currently mentoring with USC Professor and Director of Movement Performance Institute, Chris Powers, says current research is revolutionizing the way doctors and physical
therapist treat lower extremity issues.

The Tahoe Trail Running Series - Endurance Performance Workshops are presented free of
charge and are open to anyone interested in improving their endurance performance and runningstyle. Both workshops will begin at 6P.M. and are scheduled to last approximately one hour.

Attendees are encouraged to please RSVP by sending an email to Julie Young at
jyoung@02fitness.net. All RSVPs will be entered to win a free Lactate Threshold Test at Silver
Sage Performance Center.

More information about the 2012 Tahoe Trail Running Series, Silver Sage Sports Performance
Center and training programs from O2Fitness can be found online at

Silver Sage Sports Performance Center is located in Reno, Nevada and exercise is their passion. They
bring their science background to your exercise program. They can give you the physiologic data you
need to improve your athletic performance. Whether you are starting to contemplate an exercise program
or are a highly competitive well trained athlete, their testing facilities can help you reach your goals. For
further information visit www.silversagecenter.com

O2Fitness, owned and operated by Julie Young, provides systematic, science-based training for
recreational enthusiasts to elite athletes alike, whose interests range from trail running and cycling to
Xterra tri-athlon and cross-country ski racing. Services include coaching, training, bike fitting and gait
analysis. For further information visit www.O2Fitness.net.

The Tahoe Trail Running Series is presented by Salomon, offering purpose driven shoes for people who
demand light weight, agility, surface specific grip and performance fit. More information at

The Tahoe Trail Running Series is produced by Big Blue Adventure - Lake Tahoe’s home for human
powered sport. Big Blue Adventure offers more than 25 competitive events for the 2012 season, including
trail runs, off-road and traditional triathlons, mountain biking, adventure racing, standup paddle
boarding and open-water swimming. For more information, race registration and to volunteer to be part
of the Big Blue Adventure team click over to www.BigBlueAdventure.com or find us on Facebook at