Team Tactics Training

We had an exhillarating team tactics training session in Penryn on Wednesday night. The spring skies cleared to provide ideal conditions. In the first session - the agenda included:

Discussion overview of concepts and on-bike race tactics clinic.

  • Brief review of pack riding skills and safety
  • Protocol – be aggressive but keep things safe
  • Look before you leap
  • Standing (letting up) up in the middle of the pack
  • Drafting
  • Pulling – when do you pull and how long
  • Overlapping wheels
  • Half-wheeling
  • High-speed cornering & descending cornering
  • Covering attacks effectively and efficiently
  • Protecting the team’s designated rider
  • Bridging the gap
    • When/how
    • Timing
    • Make it clean
    • Adhering to team pre-race plan and adapting to plan changes
    • How to reconcile team tactics and race strategy with individual intuition and opportunities

Riding Exercises

  • Practice – attacks, bridging gaps
  • Get into two groups – each group to have a plan and implement in mock race scenario

Below is a an account Wednesday's Tactics Training  from Rio Strada Women's team manager, Bev McInnis...

Last night we had a great first session. We had 10 people in attendance with two last minute cancellations for last night only.

Coach Julie Young spent the first half hour leading an off-bike discussion about racing and tactics and answered several questions from everyone about different race tactics and scenarios. We then hit the bikes and started riding our, about 2.5 mile square course. We did the first couple of lap on cornering. Then we acted out some attacks. We split into two teams, each team having two attackers and two tempo riders. Once we were at a decent pace, an attacker from each team would attack together. They would let up after a certain distance and the tempo riders would pace the group to the attackers. Then once they were about to be caught, the second attacker (counter attackers) would attack. We did this scenario for about 4-5 laps changing up the people who attacked. It was great training for those to feel what it’s like to not only initiate an attack, but understand exactly when to attack and when to counter attack. It was learning the rhythm of racing.

We also honed some or our pack riding skills, pace-lining, spinning more instead of pushing the big gear which many people seem to do, we talked about why you don’t want to push a big gear, how to corner in a group, etc.

Next session we will work on breaking away and staying away, where to be in the pack, leading out for the sprint, among other stuff.

Our next session is Wednesday April 18th. Starts at 5:45pm or when everyone is there and no later than 5:45pm. We will also have more guys out there next week.

So thanks to all of those who attended last night making it a great first session. Everyone did awesome!!!

Huge thanks to Julie Young for training us all.