Trail Running Monday August 29th

When: 6:30 am-7:30 am, Monday, August 29th
Where: Martis Valley wildlife viewing area
Workout: Track on Trail Workout ** - Speed, Strength, Technique
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She Women- Men Crushers Trail Group
Session #4

Easy run warm-up to include dynamic movement prep
4x400m – flats
4-6x200m – 4% grade
            Quality trumps quantity
Goal: Specific Strength with attention to technique. Ramp up to 80% of max perceived exertion – and then hold solid form. For those with high level of running fitness push toward 90% at the end. Recovery based on current running fitness 50-100% of work time.  Goal is not blood, sweat and tears – ie harder is better – but challenge yourself with intensity – and then hold that solid posture, smooth efficient technique, rhythmic breathing. Mental aspect - visualize, come with a mantra and connect the purpose of the workout to your particular overall running goal.
As mentioned it is important to do some workouts based on time, others based on distance.
**Workouts performed as a group, with each individual attacking efforts at their individual perception of prescribed exertion level or if training with a heart rate monitor at their individual zone/pace.