Trail Running Monday August 8th

She- Women, Men Crushers, Trail running group – Session II
Workout #1
Where: Soccer Fields off Soaring Way
When: 6:30-7:30 am, Monday, August 8
Please let me know you are attending – if okay would like to start 5min early to collect paperwork, etc
What: Introduce and review (for those returning) run posture, technique and  movement preparation exercises - it is valuable for us all, new and returning to revisit these concepts as it is the foundation/central to running - efficiency, improvement, injury prevention – and ultimately deriving greater enjoyment from the activity.
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Before the workout we will discuss the following and continue to revisit throughout the session’s workouts

  • Running Posture
    • Pillar - foundation of kinetic linking – coordination and stability between hips, trunk and scapula
      • Lacking pillar strength = inefficient movement; energy leaks; compensations that potentially contribute to injuries
  • Neutral spine
    • Explanation
    • Understanding how relates to running
    • Importance of a dynamic core workout that trains movement -  engage and challenge – mobility, stability, coordination, balance and fire neural system
    • Train it, become aware, make it reflexive
  • Overview of push vs pull run technique and drills, as well as
    • Posture - Stand tall, neutral spine, hips flex and extend
    • Arm drive
    • Breathing
    • Wall drills – for technique and specific strength
  •  Movement Prep – dynamic multi-joint, multi-plane exercises to warm-up, elongate stimulate muscles  = more quality actual running time
  •  Workout
    • Put it all together-  run focus on posture, breathing and efficient technique ( make the absolute technique terms – relative to you and your individual biomechanics)
    • Every three minute perform a 10 sec pick-up - pushing the pace envelope helps us intutively hone efficiency and technique
    • Feel fluidity, rhythm and smoothness vs dissecting elements of technique.