Trail Running Monday June 27th

When: 6:30-7:30 am, Monday, June 27
Please let me know you are attending so we can start promptly at 6:30
Where: Martis Valley wildlife viewing area
Workout: Intro to Intervals **
Please RSVP on facebook or She Women- Men Crushers Trail Group
Session #3

Warm-up 15 min to include movement prep and 4x 10 sec strides.
Workout – for the next 30 min, run on an approx 2K loop – alternating 3min
on/2min off. For those who are new to running and/or have foundation but no
intensity to this point – perform the 3 min at a perceived exertion of 70-80% of
max. For those who have strong running foundation and have been performing
intensity – shoot to hit 80-90% of max on the 3min on. During the 2min off – we
want to continue to run easy vs completely stopping or walking, to train our
bodies to recover while still moving.
Warm-down 15 min

For those training with heart rate monitors and have been tested – we can
discuss and determine target zone on Monday.

Important aspect of interval training – learning to pace ourselves in order to
complete the entire set – vs hitting the first one super hard with nothing left
for the remaining five.

Remember – intervals are not about how hard we can go – but challenging yourself
at the perceived intensity – placing yourself on that edge of discomfort and
mentally focusing on holding solid, efficient relaxed form.

**Workouts performed as a group, with each individual attacking efforts at their
individual perception of prescribed exertion level.

Please feel free to share the outlines of our workouts with others who might be
interested in joining us. I would also like to invite you to share comments
regarding the training group on facebook and twitter