Trail Running Monday August 15th

When: 6:30-7:30 am, Monday, August 15
Where: Martis Valley wildlife viewing area
Please confirm you are attending – we will start promptly at 6:30am
Workout: Speed Skills to develop power, strength and hone efficiency
Please RSVP on facebook or jyoung@o2fitness.netShe Women- Men Crushers Trail Group
Session #2

Workout: Speed Skills***
Warm-up 15 min easy to moderate paced run
4x30 sec on 2-4% grade
6x 20 sec on flats
6x10sec on 8-10% grade
Warm-down 10 min

Goal – hit efforts at 100% effort – balanced by goal to pace self thru entire session and providing quality to the entire session. Speed develops neural muscular system – honing technique – training efficient technique to be intuitive and reflexive. Speed sessions also build specific running strength and power. These short sweet efforts are an opportunity to refine efficiency. On each effort focus on one aspect of technique, and take other efforts to foucs on runnig as a whole, complete movement and feel fluidity, rhythm and glide. These efforts are only a few seconds out of life – make the most of them.
Bring a mental mantra to the workout - the mind guides/leads the body.
**Workouts performed as a group, with each individual attacking efforts at their individual perception of prescribed exertion level.