Women & Men's Cat 4s and 5s - Race Tactic Training Session

Here’s a great opportunity to learn about bike racing team tactics and individual tactics, as well as honing in on your bike handling skills.

Please contact Julie Young at jyoung@o2fitness.net  if you are interested in joining or have further questions

Two, two hour sessions, Wednesdays 5:45-7:45pm


Session 1 – Wednesday, April 4th

Session 2 – Wednesday, April 18th

Sessions conducted by:

Trainer/Coach: Julie Young

Rio Strada Women’s Team Manager: Beverley McInnes

Rio Strada Team Owner: Ron Rouse

Cost:  $20 for both if you pay in advance - To pay in advance, please submit payment via PayPal to: onespeedbev@gmail.com

$15 for one session.

Parking and start location:

Parking lot off of Humphrey. It’s the parking lot for Traylor Ranch Bird Sanctuary

Course: Training circuit in Loomis beginning at Humphrey Road and English Colony Way, southward on Humphrey (RT to remain on Humphrey at Cowell Rd)  to Citrus Colony Road RT (westward), then to Delmar Avenue RT (northward), back to English Colony.

Tactics Training Session Outline:

Discussions first, then hit the race course for some race scenarios and tactics exercises.

Session 1 - Discussion overview of concepts and on-bike race tactics clinic.

  • Brief review of pack riding skills and safety
  • Protocol – be aggressive but keep things safe
  • Look before you leap
  • Standing (letting up) up in the middle of the pack
  • Drafting
  • Pulling – when do you pull and how long
  • Overlapping wheels
  • Half-wheeling
  • High-speed cornering & descending cornering
  • Covering attacks effectively and efficiently
  • Protecting the team’s designated rider
  • Bridging the gap
    • When/how
    • Timing
    • Make it clean
    • Adhering to team pre-race plan and adapting to plan changes
    • How to reconcile team tactics and race strategy with individual intuition and opportunities

Riding Exercises

  • Practice – attacks, bridging gaps
  • Get into two groups – each group to have a plan and implement in mock race scenario

 Session 2 – Position in the Peloton

  • Where should you be?
  • Safety takes precedence
  • Keep it in perspective – this isn’t the World Champs
  • Where to be, when to be – Front, middle, back
  • Team tactics regarding other racers/teams
    • When to pull in the break, sit in
    • Sit on a break and sprint – is it ok?
    • Should I take up the pace? When and why?
    • Creating Opportunity
      • How Opportunities are made and lost
      • Flats, winds – your teams secret weapon – the quickly, well organized echelon
      • Capitalizing on cross-winds
      • Pre-race Strategy
      • Sprints
        • The art of leading out and sprints

Riding Exercises – leading out and sprinting