Pro Bike Fitting

In order to improve your performance on the bike, it is critical to tailor the  frame and positional componentry to your unique physiology. In order to help you achieve the most anatomically sound and biomechanically efficient fit, Silver Sage Sports Performance Center offers a systematic approach to this traditionally subjective process.

The Specialized Body Geometry FIT program is the most comprehensive bike fit education in the industry. Working with Dr. Andy Pruitt and his team at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, the BG FIT process has been refined into a step by step fit method. The BGFit provides a personalized bike fit that allows cyclists to more efficiently deliver power to the pedals, as well as ride longer, faster and in greater comfort. The BG Fit protocol provides the foundation for the Silver Sage Sports Performance fit system and is complemented by practical experience, continuing biomechanical education,  and technology.

Fundamentals of the Silver Sage Sports Performance Center Pro Fit:

  • Fit performed by Julie Young, former  12-year US National A Team/World Championship team member
  • Fit protocol utilizes aspects from systems developed by US National Cycling team; Specialized Body Geometry fit system; and Chris Powers, USC Movement Performance Institute (MPI)
  • Explanation of efficient pedaling biomechanics and technique
  • In-depth 20-point physical and flexibility assessment
  • Prioritizes tailoring fit to the individual’s range of joint and muscular motion and biomechanical strengths and weaknesses
  • Fit balances the individual’s comfort with the optimal power output/aerodynamic position
  • Advanced cleat, saddle and handlebar positioning
  • Proper use of arch supports and stance width adjustments
  • Positioning for specific medical conditions
  • Dartfish Express utilized to capture key fit positions to ensure accurate joint angles
  • Includes guidance on strategies (developed at Athletes’ Performance and USC-MPI) to improve flexibility, strength and neuromuscular activation to continue fine-tuning and optimizing biomechanics, position and power output
  • Digital fit form with physical assessment, pre and post fit images, as well as pre and post measurements provided via email


Bike fits available for road, hybrid, mountain, time trial and triathlon bikes.

Custom road or mountain bike fitting $200 (includes 1 follow-up visit, within six months)
Each additional follow-up $100
Additional bike fit, same day road bike fit $125
Additional bike fit, different day $150

Custom time trial/tri bike $250 (includes 1 follow-up visit, within six months)
Each additional follow-up $100
Additional bike fit same day time trial/tri bike $175
Additional bike fit different day, time trial/tri bike $200