Training - Do it Well, Make it Count

Understanding the goal of the workout, doing it with 100% intention and effort, and knowing that every workout is an important step toward attaining your goal are cornerstones to success. Being disciplined about doing your intense quality workouts with 100% focus and equally disciplined about taking pure rest days and weeks when scheduled - are equally essential to success. Complete these ingredients for success by diligent attention to the all-important safety nets - nutrition and sleep, and consistent pilates, yoga and core workouts - ensuring efficient functional movement and biomechanical soundness.

Core Workouts

Perform as a circuit, with each circuit including 1x set of abdominals, obliques, back, hips and shoulders. Complete circuit 3 sets x10-25 reps, perform 2-3 x week

Mt Royal
Mt Royal


Standard circuit

Traditional crunches – upper abs transition to lower abs

Side crunches

Dog extensions – opposite knee to elbow

Hands and Knees – hip openers


Multi-directional circuit

Cross-overs Bridges – extend leg for count of 10 sec




Specific Cycling Strength

Warm-up with single-leg drills, help to define areas of pedal stroke that need attention. Find a 4-5% steady grade, use a gear that allows 40-60 rpm, at a perceived exertion of 4-6, or 60-70% of max heart rate. Focus of workout is specifc pedal strength - so mentally stick with it - push over top with quads, scrape back with hamstrings and glutes, and then actively unload pedal. Start with 6x2min and progress. Complete workout with 10-20 minutes high cadence, 90-120 on flats.

Speed, Power and Technique- Trail Running

Warm-up with easy running, then perform 10x10 sec on steep, 8-10% grade, gravel preferably to learn efficient body postion. Drive knees and arms up the hill! Then perform 4-8X 200M on slight grade, 3-4% and 4-6 x 400 M on flat terrain, at a 80-90% effort. Goal - put yourself on the exertion edge and then hold on to efficient running technique and form.

Intervals - run or cycling

Perform Tempo ramping to LT intervals twice a week, once on flats, and once on climbs - to ensure body and mind stay in touch with speed and strength. Sample intervals - running on climbs 3-6x 10 min with 2 min low zone 3/tempo ramp up to high zone 3/sub LT for 4 min and push in to zone 4/LT for final 4 min.