Recreational athletes: For the vast majority of us, exercise isn’t our job, but something we have to fit in between work, family and other commitments. It’s what we do to improve our health, relieve stress, spend time with friends and family and most importantly of all, HAVE FUN. If you have been exercising and want to improve your exercise routine by going farther or faster, we can help. By looking at your goals plus everything else in your life, we can help you develop an exercise program that fits within your lifestyle

Beginning athletes: Do you look back and remember what you used to look like during your “glory days” and want to get back to feeling that way? Or have you always lead a sedentary life and have decided it’s time to make a change? Some of the most rewarding exercise stories we know involve people who started exercising in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s. Let us help you get back into shape. Because we are a medical facility with two family physicians, we can not only help you set up an exercise program but make sure that it’s safe for you to begin exercise.

Elite Athlete: Looking at dialing in your exercise program and want to get the scientific data that the pros get to help them? Our testing programs will help you establish the training zones you need to develop effective training plans and improve your performance. Once you have baseline testing, follow up testing can help to track your improvement and make sure you are peaking for your big event.